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Rita Marandino

Painting in the tradition of the old masters and the 19th century impressionists Rita Marandino creates beautiful still lifes, landscapes and figurative paintings. Her still lifes are crisp and detailed studies that often create a nostalgic mood that capture the viewers attention. In her figurative and landscape work there is a more painterly quality. She uses the vibrancy of the paint and the brush work to express her emotional feelings about the composition. Most importantly, in each of her paintings she strives to capture the quality of the light. As an avid traveler, Rita’s work often depicts scenes from her treks throughout Europe and the United States. She states, “By recreating the beauty that the world holds I can relive the experience and bring my feelings about that experience to my audience.”

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Angelic Arrangement Chianti and Figs Picnic Lunch Purple Pansies Shaken Not Stirred Tomatoes and Basil
Since 1981